SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment)

SEA stands for "Strategic Environmental Assessment" or Strategic Environmental Assessment. It is a similar concept to EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) but focuses on the strategic and planning level. SEA is used to assess the environmental consequences of policies, plans, programmes or strategies that have a wider and longer-term impact on the environment.

The aim of SEA is to integrate environmental considerations into decision-making and planning processes from the outset in order to minimise negative environmental impacts and promote sustainable development. This includes examining the options, alternatives, and consequences that may be associated with the implementation of a given strategy or plan.

Similar to EIA, SEA may be required in the legislation of some countries or regions when preparing strategic documents(e.g. spatial plans). It is a tool that helps to take environmental considerations into account in the early stages of the decision-making process and helps to better integrate sustainable practices into planning and strategic activities.

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