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E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the activity of buying or selling products electronically through online services or over the Internet. This form of commerce has become a key component of the global economy in recent decades due to its convenience, speed and ability to cross geographical barriers.

Key aspects of e-commerce:

  • Different platforms: e-commerce involves transactions made on a variety of platforms, including store websites, marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Horn or Alza, social media and mobile commerce apps.
  • E-commerce enables the buying and selling of virtually any good or service, from books, clothing and electronics to software, digital content and even financial services.
  • Personalisation and recommendations: many e-commerce platforms use algorithms to analyse user behaviour and provide personalised shopping recommendations, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Logistics and distribution: E-commerce has a significant impact on logistics and distribution chains, requiring efficient inventory management, packaging, shipping and tracking.
  • Customer support: E-commerce platforms often provide extensive customer support through chats, emails and phone calls to quickly resolve customer queries and issues.

The growth of e-commerce has transformed the way people buy and sell goods and opened up new opportunities for businesses of all sizes with access to a global marketplace.

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