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Logistics firms suffer from bad infrastructure and road closures


Logistics firms suffer from bad infrastructure, road closures, and a lack of people. A survey from 108 AGENCY has shown that Czech logistics and manufacturing companies consider poor quality infrastructure and frequent road closures to be the most pressing problems impeding their business activities today. They also suffer from a lack of employees and rising labor costs.

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News in the year 2020


News in the year 2020: Industrial properties around Ostrava are experiencing a boom. If there was sufficient space around larger cities such as Prague, Brno and Plzeň today, developers would continue to build there on a large scale. But instead they're focusing their activities on the border with Germany, and in particular the Moravian-Silesian Region. At least that's how the developers' representatives see the current situation and immediate future.

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The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic


The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic is reflected across all sectors. Including commercial real estate. Extensive restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have also impacted the commercial real estate market. The first consequences are now evident, and many sectors may end up facing existential difficulties. At the current time, however, it is retail which is suffering most, its activities cut back heavily. We are going to have to wait a few months more, however, to evaluate the true consequences of the worldwide coronavirus crisis.

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