Contera Park Mošnov - Lease of warehouse and production space

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Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation. Based on the direct authorization of the owner, we offer in the form of custom construction spaces suitable for storage or light production (from 2,600 m2) in the established industrial zone Ostrava Mošnov.

The tenant does not pay a commission.

Unit 2,900 m2
- 300 m of office space
- Availability 6 months from signing the contract.

Unit 5000m2
- premises available within 6-8 months of signing the contract.

Unit 12 000m2
- premises available within 6-8 months of signing the contract.

- dust-free floors with a load capacity of 5 t / m2
- grid of columns 12x24 m
- clear height of the space 7.5 m existing hall
- clear height space 10m new hall
- hydraulic bridges and direct entrances
- Cross-Dock option, customs warehouse
- offices
- sufficient handling and parking areas at the building
- sprinklers - K-14 ESFR
- LED lighting

- The complex has a direct connection to Leoš Janáček Airport
- 6km from the D1 motorway and 4km from the R48 - Olomouc - Těšín expressway
- bus stop right next to the complex.

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Vhodné proProduction, Warehouse, Retail
Nejmenší jednotka2.600 m²
K dispozici až12.000 m²
Height10 m
Floor load8 t/m²
AccessDirect entrance, Docks/ramp

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