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Rent: warehouse with logistic services


Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation. Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation.

Warehouse facility is located in the village of Červený Újezd, Prague - West district. From a logistical point of view it is conveniently located close to major roads (D5 Prague - Pilsen to 10km, D6 Prague - Karlovy Vary to 12km, airport Praha - Ruzyně 12 km). Store area is 16,010 square meters and storage capacity and currently amounts to 22 000 pallets. Spaces are 65% equipped with a rack system. Opening hours are continuous from Sunday 22: 00hod. Friday 22: 00hod. with the possibility of arranging extraordinary weekend shifts. In order to record inventory utilize IT Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is based on the unique identification of goods barcode and directness storage. The system allows on-line interconnection of mobile computing with in-house customer's information system. This ensures accurate stock records in real-time, accurate and timely picking, detailed information about their transactions. Stock has internal and external electronic zabezpečením.Dalším security element is an electronic fire system, connected to the central control. Indoor and outdoor storage areas are under camera system connected to a security agency. Campus store is also 24-hour security service. We provide comprehensive logistics services from goods receipt and record, through storage, handling, processing (polepování, repackaging, labeling barcode, association, adding advertising and promotional items .....), repair of damaged goods until after completion of orders and shipping. Current spare storage capacity of 8,000 pallet spaces.  The warehouse is dust-free environment, maid service is provided Washing machines wet.  temperature ranges from 5 ° C to 25 ° C.

Space available8.000 ks pallet units
Pallet number from1.000 ks
Indicative priceby agreement
LocalityPraha západCount of pallets8.000 ksSpecific requirementsDuty warehouse
  Minimum palets1.000 ks  

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