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Rental of warehouse services, pallet space - 5248 square meters (Liberec)

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Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation. Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation.

Warehouse equipment: Bar codes, Offices, Platforms, Racks, Temperature, WMS
Handling: trucks, stackers
Loading / Unloading possibilities: from the side, behind-Container, From behind-Trailer
Headroom: 10 m
Total storage capacity: 5248 m2
Minimal area for rent: 1 m2
Capacity in: variable - as required
Capacity out: variable - as required
Floor bearing capacity: 5 t
Services: Standard manipulation, Quality management, Sorting, Electronic warehouse evidence, palletizing (assembling pallets), decompleting shipments and packing, goods signing, labeling, Plastic wrapping, Distribution from terminal all over the Czech Republic and abroad
Size of pallets: as required
Maximum pallet weight: 2000 kg
Space for storing of empty pallets: 1500 m2
Types handling units: cardboard piece, pallet, all types of handling units
Types of goods to store: automotive, food, consumer goods, building
Transport availability of highway: 1 km
Transport accessibility railways: 3 km
Transport availability of harbor: 120 km
Other parameters: Consignment, transportation

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Množství palet od50 ks
K dispozici až3.000 ks
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