Energizer expanding production in CTPark Teplice, Regenersis also coming here

Energizer expanding production in CTPark Teplice, Regenersis also coming here

Energizer is expanding its spaces in Teplice’s CTPark, leasing another approximately 2,600 m2. CTP is also preparing new spaces for Regenersis.

Energizer Holding has been a tenant in CTPark Teplice ever since 2009. Since that time they have expanded their spaces a number of times and they are currently leasing about 16,300 m2. The company operates the highly-specialised production of razors in CTPark Teplice. The company is known primarily thanks to the Energizer batteries, but its portfolio also includes consumer goods such as Wilkinson Sword, Hawaiian Tropic, o.b., Carefree, etc. Energizer operates in 50 countries the world over and distributes its products to 160 countries.

Energizer’s move into the new spaces is connected with the construction of a new building for Regenersis. The completion of new spaces with an area of 3,300 m2 is planned for June of this year.The British company Regenersis was founded in 1979 and it currently operates in 22 countries. It is involved in the maintenance, protection, repair, recycling and reuse of all types of electronics.

CTPark Teplice offers a strategic position 20 km from the German border, only a few metres from the D8 motorway connecting Prague and Dresden. Together with the high population density in the industrially-oriented Northern Bohemia, CTPark Teplice is a location that is not only suitable for an international company operating in various fields, but also for local businessmen,” added Remon Vos, the Director of CTP.

Source: Crest Communications

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