CTP expands Bucharest South


CTP has announced that it is to expand CTPark Bucharest South by 60,000 sq m, bringing its total area up to almost 150,000 sq m.

CTP acquired the industrial park project in 2021, since when it has developed 70,000 sq m in the complex, which is fully leased, and is soon to complete another 15,000 sq m building. Now it is planning to expand the park by another 60,000 sq m.

CTPark Bucharest South is located in the city's southern Popești-Leordeni district, between the Bucharest ring road and the future A0 motorway.

Apart from CTPark Bucharest South, CTP owns five other industrial parks around the capital, including CTPark Bucharest West, CTPark Bucharest, CTPark Chitila, CTPark Mogoșoaia and CTPark Bucharest North.

Source: eurobuildcee.com

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