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Fully automated warehouses - lease and logistics services (Karlovy Vary)

Karlovy Vary

Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation. Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation.

Warehouses in Carlsbad, Old Roli, about 1 km from the exit of R6, where it is carried completion and delivery of your order (including all documents on request).

Invoicing, completion and delivery orders, warehouse service including non-standard operations and services (eg. Labeling, sticking labels, EAN codes or descriptions, etc ...)

We are ready for all sorts of requirements and demands, which brings your business.

We offer the following services:
unloading truck
assembly of goods
goods handling
storage of goods in warehouse
preparation of goods according to orders
loading on the wrecker vehicles
Order Tracking online
adding leaflets
transshipment of cars for auto
receiving refunds
monitoring your stocks online
Creation of statistics time to market

New Role cross docking
pallet storage area of 2500 square meters on

Stara Role

Hall A - Expedition
180 pallet locations - assembly manual
35,000 boxes - in a vending machine
1x Vrátkov station
1x dispatch station from a vending machine
8 x packing station

Hall B - Reserve
720 pallet positions

Space available4.000 ks pallet units
Pallet number from
Indicative priceby agreement
LocalityKarlovy varyCount of pallets4.000 ks  

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