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Rent warehouse services, 1000 m2, Hradec Kralove

Hradec Králové - Nový Hradec Králové

Please excuse any discrepancies in the following text. This is an automatically generated translation. We rent free storage space in the logistics hall in Hradec Kralove. Area: 1000 m2 Height: 12.5 m Assume. Price: 5, - CZK / PM Day CZK / pallet / month price for handling pallets in and out (in, out) = 10 CZK Access: Direct driveway, ramp / bridge Location: Hradec Kralove Current number of available pallet positions: 1000 Minimum warehouse pallets: 20 Max. pallet height 125 cm Please contact us for more information, or to arrange tours of the area!

Space available1.000 ks pallet units
Pallet number from20 ks
Indicative price1 CZK per month
LocalityHradec KrálovéCount of pallets1.000 ks  
  Minimum palets20 ks  

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